me and meraki

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me and meraki

hi, i am Diego and i am system specialist, i change a company and i am working with meraki stack now, before i used only cisco, i am very happy for meraki solution, it's easy to deploy and installation, the dashboard is the best way for unique point of configuration, but the troubleshooting, for me than i used a cli cisco classic, it' s a poor.

i hope suggest and comparison in meraki community.

i was doing a survey wifi and i was concetrate to it, i didn't saw the pole and .....I leave you to imagine the rest


Kind of a big deal



Yes you are correct in your assessment.

If you are used to Cisco with all the debug possibilities you will miss these in Meraki.

There is no pro-mode in Meraki.


Meraki troubleshooeting for infrastructure is limited to:

- Knowing protocols yourself

- Reading the documentation section

- Knowing how Meraki implements protocols by using the other methods.

- Packets captures

- Staring at rainbow leds

Kind of a big deal

Welcome Diego!


As you already mentioned: Meraki simplifies administrative tasks tot the maximum, especially regarding the plethora of nobs and bolts you have with Cisco or other vendors. 

On the other hand, being simple it is a lot of fun to work with...cause normally, it "simply" works. 🙂

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Hello @Dieghitoo77! Welcome! The Meraki Community is a great community to be a part of and its a great place to be in your Meraki journey.

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Hey Dieghito!


Welcome to the community. 


Everything in life has it's pros and cons 🙂 


Because Meraki is so simple and easy to work with it can sometimes be even more annoying when thing gets tough. Have you thought about using an external API tool to assist with troubleshooting if it is a really annoying problem?

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