Hi Meraki Community


Hi Meraki Community

Hi I'm Gavin Hitchmough the Managing Director of Red Circles ITS Limited based in the East Midlands.I started the company approx 12 months ago and specialise in Cyber Security.


In previous employment i deployed Meraki switches in a fail over solutions. Find the cloud portal very useful to provide a managed security solution which hopefully i can build a client base for my company. I find that Meraki have a broad selection of technology for companies of all sizes.




Kind of a big deal

Welcome @GH78 . We are glad to have you. 😁

A model citizen

Welcome to the community Gavin! feel free to ask any questions

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New here

Hello and welcome! 😉

Richard was a half hour late getting into the office because of the heavy traffic. As his assistant looked up, she handed him a pile of messages.
"Mr. Villarreal called first thing. His message is on top," said Ms. Ames as Richard walked briskly into his office. "I'll bring you some coffee."

"Thanks," said Richard smiling to her as he headed straight for his desk.

By the time he had worked his way through half the DVDs he had plenty of bondage stuff between Deborah and Martin and things had already progressed to a constant stream of kinky sex acts with a parade of more and more sex partners doing everything imaginable to Rebekah's mother.

As Richard finished the final DVD, the boys appeared to have made four more visits to Deborah before Martin shot his final video. Each of the boys' videos were handheld like the first and the level of violence and humiliation inflicted on Deborah increased with each one. The apples did not fall far from the tree, Richard thought, as he extracted the last DVD from the laptop.

Richard looked up at the clock and saw that Fedex should be arriving any minute. He had just enough time to email George the tracking information from the DVDs so he could put together an oldies but goodies version for him to use on Rebekah. He also asked George to send a couple of copies of the DVD home with Deirdre tonight so he would have one for Big John in the morning.
As Richard continued to wait for the Fedex delivery he started to prepare a list for Big John. He would have Big John sweep Deborah's home and pull anything else that would be useful that he could bring back to the office. Richard made a note to make sure that all the bills were left on the dining room table so Rebekah could see the dire financial condition her mother was in, and by extension, herself. Richard would have Big John stage the house to tell the story Richard wanted Rebekah to see and hear.

Richard remembered to have Big John pick up a large screen plasma TV this evening as well, to mount on the wall in Deborah's playroom. He made a note to remind Big John to make sure it had a DVD built in and would be easy to operate.

Suddenly Richard remembered that he had forgotten about the photographs. They were still in his trunk. Richard got up and headed for the elevator to retrieve the grocery bag full of photos. As he made his way to the elevator, he could see the Fedex driver making a delivery at one of the other offices down the corridor. Good, thought Richard, he could examine the parcels from Mexicali and El Centro when he came back from the parking structure.





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