Hello from Waynflete


Hello from Waynflete

I have the privilege of working in a small independent school with a relatively unique name. We've been using Meraki Systems Manager for several years as our MDM and have appreciated the continual development of functionality. We also use JAMF as an MDM for some of our devices and are planning on rolling them over into Meraki next summer. I'm looking forward to advice and tips found in this community.

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Re: Hello from Waynflete

Welcome, @ekramer! If you want to keep apprised the latest product advancements and feature updates from our Product team, you can subscribe to the Feature Announcements Feed. You can even specify if you're only interested in updates related to Systems Manager, etc. 


Also, you'll see lots of activity on the SM board from my fellow Merakians, where you can ask for advice or share your feedback with us.




Meredith W | Community Manager, Cisco Meraki

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