Hello from Norway


Hello from Norway

Hi everyone 



Presale and business development manager of Telenor Integrator Services working with different customer to create business value by using Cisco technology often in combination with Cisco ecopartners.



Been working with Cisco a couple of years now, both classic Cisco and the Meraki portefolio. 


My hopes with the Meraki community

Get more insight in use cases with the Meraki equipment and insight in how technology may improve our everyday living and business needs.


Fun fact

People often wonder how to find the stop button once I start to discuss technology and what impact it may give 

Kind of a big deal

Guess you won't need that Stop button in here. 😉


Welcome to the community!

Kind of a big deal

Welcome to the community!


The problem is, when I've found the off button, I always immediately turn it back on again. Force of habit.

Living the dream....

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Welcome to the Meraki Community!
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