Hello Community


Hello Community

Not really a first hello to Meraki as i think the first AP and switch i configured were an MR24 and MS22, but hello to the community.  Been a long time member of Cisco's partner community, but just realized i hadn't posted anything in this community.  I've been working remotely for my company for almost 5 years now sitting behind a trusty Z1 thats sitting behind my CMNA provided full stack from 2013 that runs my house...I'm probably due for an upgrade CMNA team 😀.  Truly makes it easy to just sit down and start working like I'm in the office.

Meraki Employee

Hello and welcome Mike!

Meraki Employee

Welcome Mike! 

I think 2013 was around the time I got my first stack through a CMNA in Raleigh NCas well (MX60, MS220P and an MR26).  I was blown away by how quickly it was to replace some of my other gear and fell in love with Meraki then :).  Glad to see you had a similar experience too.



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