HI there from Argentina!

Here to help

HI there from Argentina!

A bit about yourself & your work 


    - I am a Telecomunication Engineer. I've been in the technology industry for over 8 yrs working mostly with Cisco devices. I am 31 years old and i am from Cordoba Argentina.


Your experience with Cisco Meraki


- I already installed some Cisco Meraki devices in some clients like MR33 and MX42. I also had the oportunity to be present in CMNA training in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


What you're hoping to gain from the community


- Something i have learned in all these years is that we cant know everything, so communities like this one are really important to grow our knowledge by sharing experiences and tips.



A fun fact about yourself


- Before start working and studying Telecomunication i was a drummer in a Rock Band. Should i keep doing that? 🙂


Here to help


Yes, keep drumming!!


Head in the Cloud

Welcome.  Meraki makes things simple.

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Hola Tony, bienvenido a nuestro forum!

Me gustó que también le gusta el Rock 😄 \m/
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Así es Felipe! así arranque mi vida tocando Rock and Roll! haha.

Muchas gracias por el curso que pudo dictarnos en Buenos Aires. Nos mantenemos en contacto.


Head in the Cloud

Welcome to the Community! What was the rock band's name?

i had 4 bands, the last one was called "Inverso". We used to play songs of Pink Floyd, Dream Theater, Metallica, and also had some songs or our own.

Good Times!. Do you used to play as well?


Plenty of church bands, but nothing show worthy. Nice choice in genre though! The Pink Floyd songs would be fun to play.
Getting noticed

Keep playing in the band!  Stress relief...will result in a better running network? 😀

Dont worry steve, i keep playing drums and guitar in my house to avoid having my brain rusty haha.



Hola Tony!!! Saludos desde Ecuador..y que viva el rock!!!



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