AP Latitude and Longitude

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AP Latitude and Longitude

I have one question in case you can give me information. I need to get my WiFi Access points latitude & longitude for analysis purposes. The AP's are Cisco. Can I do it via any known WiFi tool like Ekahau or you know any workaround? Normally the AP's are mounted on the high ceilings for a Museum so I can not go to each AP and use my smartphone to locate the latitude and longitude. Moreover, the number of AP's is huge and this option can not be implemented. Let me know In case you got a good solution.

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@Mikael_Tamirie : go with Ekahau

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Hello Inderdeep,


Thanks for the update.

But I am not sure if Ekahau have these options as I never used it for indoor localization. Can you advise how to do it via Ekahau?

Kind of a big deal

Latitude and longitude does not establish altitude.  If you stand below the APs and take a ready it will be the same.

Hello PhilipDath,


Thank you for your advice. I will take into account your advice If I can not get any tools to do it for me.

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