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Meraki Insight > Wan Health > Speedtest Beta

Seeing a new module called Speedtest Beta in WAN Health.


Quite interesting.

The speedtest result are much higher than the one from Dashboard Throughput, almost reflecting the actual subscribed speed. And when drilled down to individual network, I can see 'Download Speed History'. Anyone knows whether this reflects the manual run speedtest or we can set and interval (e.g. every 1 hour)? 


Nevertheless, a great addition, Meraki!. 

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Thanks for the information!

I gave it a try.




Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

The MI WAN Health doc covers the feature with an explanation of how it differs from the live tools throughput test 

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Thanks mate. 

Was looking for this doc earlier. 


Could upload speedtest be included in upcoming enhancement? 😁

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And when you clicked the individual network from this page, you will get the 'Metrics & Connection' history (in graph form):

- Wan Connectivity, Usage, Loss, Latency, Jitter, Download speed history




Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Been using that feature for more than a year and it works fine ( most of the time ). Upload is not supported and won't be supported and that's pretty sad, it would have been a perfect feature ! 

Yes indeed. 

had an issue earlier where user on wifi was complaining of slow upload. 

other than getting the user / lcon to connect via ethernet, the best way for a remote admin to look into the issue is by running the speedtest (upload especially) and validate that claim. 

in this case, somehow there was no issue when testing via ethernet. 


This infuriates me to no end. Constantly claiming that they are 'enterprise' yet no way to test upload speeds on the equipment that costs thousands. 

Here is a screenshot of me (while at the office) testing my UDM-Pro ($350) at home. Why is this so hard?


Screenshot 2024-05-16 152932.png

Nolan Herring |
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