Meraki Insight - Product Support?

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Meraki Insight - Product Support?

I am running across what is likely a bug with Insights but there is no option to open a ticket for Insights, only for specific devices ... any ideas how I contact support?


Basically on applications when I look at the network throughput it's giving me numbers that are not even possible (ie. 758Mb/s of iTunes traffic on an MX64)





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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

You can open the case against a device runnin insight.


You are probably looking at "Goodput" numbers rather than throughput numbers.

This is an expression of potential throughput that could be reached based on latency and loss.

Thanks ... no, this is Network Performance section where it graphs what it thinks the application is doing for traffic specifically.  Just checked iTunes traffic now from overnight and it says at one point there was 16Gbps of sent traffic.


Opening ticket with support to see ... I'm just trying to understand how accurate the data is in Insights because so far I'm not seeing much accuracy at all (understanding that it won't be exact or anything)


Side note, Insight will only predict available Goodput to 100Mbps.

Thanks and aware 😉 

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