Why pay Meraki for support?

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Why pay Meraki for support?

Why pay them? I have licenses that are expiring next week and we have been bugging Meraki for IPV6 for years now. They promised by the end of September only to miss that after years of crickets. I don't understand why in the name of hell we should pay them for a single thing.

Kind of a big deal

It is a personal choice you have to make with what you gain on on side and what you are missing on the other.


I too wish the IPv6 support can been a little more forthcoming.

Kind of a big deal

@TheOldGuy You have to remember that though IPv6 is being used now, that it's not the standard yet and it's not something that everyone is worried about. Kinda like the whole HTML5 and Flash thing. People will wait till the very last second. I do not disagree with you. 

It is very much a standard. Try telling that to a multi million dollar a year client.
Kind of a big deal

Again I do not disagree with you but a standard means that everyone has it. Not something a "multi billion dollar" a year client can only pay for. 😏 

@TheOldGuy  By all means pick the product that is right for your customer, if that isn't Meraki so be it.  I would be wrong to sit here and tell you to keep using Meraki just because it does everything I need. 



If I know Meraki will work for the customer hell yes I will recommended it. @PhilipDAth  and others have said the same thing many times throughout the community. 



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The issue is that Cisco/Meraki has promised IPV6 since the first MXs can our and they should have never released the product without it. 

Cisco/Meraki will never be recommended by us at this point and we are recommending removing all equipment.

Not saying they did or did not make that promise, just curious where they did if you have a link etc.
Nolan Herring | nolanwifi.com

I am not going to take the time to hunt them down, but multiple eMail's. Also look in this forum, they missed their own set deadline to just extend it to just mad a damn announcement! But they sure as hell can bill you for support and kill your networks but tell you tough luck when asking about IPV6 support. The account manager just says noting now. There is no reason at all to use Meraki for anything IMHO!

Understood, was just interested for my own personal curiosity. I understand your frustration and sorry it isn't working out for you due to the lack of the IPv6 feature. I was originally a bit surprised myself when I first found out they didn't support it. I know they are aware and working to get it implemented.

If that is the only thing that is tipping the scale for you now, well hopefully they will come out with it soon so you can continue to use their products with all the other great features in the future. No product is perfect >.<

Good luck out there 😃
Nolan Herring | nolanwifi.com

To hell they are working on it, they are crickets to even post an update! They do billing just fine, but getting required features they don't care.

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You end up paying for support somehow, either in staffing, or another companies service contract. I think the biggest question is if the web technology integration (Dashboard management, SM, API's, etc), and the full stack integration are worth it to you and your company.  Also, the ease of having broken equipment replaced, and the fact that it's all covered in the license. Imagine having a Cisco $1,500 Air AP break. You're just out that $$. 


I have a hard time imagining switching back to Cisco HW from my Meraki stuff. Any time I have to go back and work with something Cisco I just think "why isn't this Meraki yet" 😂. But yeah if IPv6 is essential for you, probably gotta go elsewhere. Don't see that happening unless people start using it internally widespread. 


Also, just to throw it out there from a security standpoint, Meraki is the way to go. If a terrible vulnerability or something is discovered in the OS, they can force an update push for the next upgrade window. And warn all the effected users directly. 

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