Best practice


Best practice

Hello everyone,

What is the nest practice to connect Meraki MX100.

I have an old network where the internet connection goes to my core Switch and then from there to My Meraki.

Now I have been told to connect my MX100 for a new site differently. I have been asked to connect my ISP to Meraki directly and then Meraki goes to my core Switch.

Just wanted to know why it is like that and which one is the best practice.


Also if someone can point me to a documentation where I can learn on VRRP as I will have to configure VRRP between these 2 Meraki.




Kind of a big deal

You don't configure VRRP explicity.  You just setup a "warm spare" and it does it automatically.


I'm somewhat confused by your statement saying this is both for a new site and you want HA (meaning they are usually at the same site).


If they are both going to be layer 2 adjacent then you need to plug their WAN interfaces into the same ISP circuit.  Perhaps the ISP provides a device with multiple Ethernet ports to do this - otherwise you are going to need to do this yourself using your own switch.


If you are not doing warm spare then I would plug the ISP circuit directly into the MX and keep life simple.

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