ECMS2 Curriculum

The ECMS2 curriculum consists of multiple lessons and supplemental lab exercises. Below is a high-level outline (course syllabus) of the topics that are presented throughout the instructor-led as well as eLearning format of the ECMS2 course.


(note: the ECMS2 curriculum is subject to change and may have slight variations depending on the organization delivering the training course)


Topic: Planning new Meraki architectures and expanding existing deployments

  • Meraki solution sizing

  • Per-device Licensing

Topic: Designing for scalable management and high availability

  • Role-based access

  • Tag design and structure

  • MX high-availability

  • MS high-availability

  • High density wireless design

Topic: Automation and scaling Meraki deployments

  • Role-based access control with SAML
  • Network cloning
  • Configuration templates
  • Provisioning networks with APIs

Topic: Routing design and practices on the Meraki platform

  • Routing across Meraki networks

  • Dynamic routing – OSPF

  • BGP for scalable WAN routing & redundancy
  • IPv6 with Meraki

Topic: QoS and traffic shaping design

  • Wireless & wired QoS design

  • Preparing the network for voice

  • Traffic shaping & prioritizing with the MX

Topic: Architecting VPN and WAN topologies

  • MX VPN operation modes

  • VPN design & topologies

  • Auto VPN 101

  • Designing a scalable VPN topology

  • Integrating vMX into your Auto VPN architecture

  • SD-WAN fundamentals & design

Topic: Securing the network with Advanced Security features

  • Security intro
  • Default behavior and rules processing order
  • Advanced security services
  • Content filtering
  • Umbrella integration

Topic: Switched network concepts and practices

  • Access policies using Meraki Authentication

  • Adaptive Policy

  • Cloning switch settings

  • Switch templates & profiles

Topic: Wireless concepts and practices

  • Dashboard maps, floor plans, and RF profiles

  • Wireless encryption and authentication

  • SSID modes for client IP addressing

  • Bluetooth low energy

  • Wireless threats

Topic: Endpoint management concepts and practices

  • Platform overview

  • Deployment methodologies

  • Deploying applications and containerization profiles

  • Implementing security policies

  • Securing the network with SM Sentry

  • Agent-less onboarding with Trusted Access

Topic: Physical security concepts and practices

  • MV architecture

  • Flexible camera deployments with wireless

  • MV portfolio

  • Business intelligence

Topic: Gaining additional network insight through application monitoring

  • Application performance monitoring

  • WAN and Internet outage monitoring

  • Scaling & licensing

  • Smart Thresholds

Topic: Preparing and setting up monitoring, logging, and alerting services

  • Logging capabilities

  • Monitoring tools and services

  • Supported alerts

  • API for flexibility

Topic: Setting up Dashboard reporting and auditing capabilities

  • Reporting in Cisco Meraki

  • Managing firmware through Dashboard

  • Running a PCI audit

Topic: Gaining visibility and resolving issues using Meraki features and built-in troubleshooting tools

  • Troubleshoot methods

  • Native logging capabilities

  • Wireless troubleshooting

  • Troubleshooting cloud applications performance

  • Troubleshooting Meraki auto VPN

  • Local status page


Last Updated: May 2023