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multiple VPNs on windows devices

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multiple VPNs on windows devices

Hello everyone,


i recently ran into some issues while deploying a new Systems Manager network.

My customer hast three networks, each with one MX cluster as gateway for firwalling, SDWAN etc..


On SM i tagged the devices, which belong to the location accordingly, let's say #LocA, #LocB, #LocC and build some settings to automatically deploy the VPN settings via Sentry to the devices.

It works! As long as I only deploy one VPN (#LocA) to the windows client(haven't tested with iOS in fact).

Some of these users need access to two or three networks (#LocA + #LocB), but as soon I try to add the second tag with the second VPN profile, the settings won't be updated.

I tested it with a seperate profile for these "special-users" but even then the VPN settings won't show up a second possible connection.


Has anyone experienced some similar issues and know how to solve them?


Thank you in advance!

Greetings from Germany


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Re: multiple VPNs on windows devices

Hmm, that is a toughy.  I haven't tried doing multiple client VPN setups.


If you are using AutoVPN, and you include the client VPN subnet, you should find you can VPN into any site and access any other site.

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Re: multiple VPNs on windows devices

Thank you.


I thought about that, but at the moment this seems like an unpractical solution as the locations don't have a lot of bandwidth. 

Anyway I will use this as a fallback if everything else fails. 

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Re: multiple VPNs on windows devices



Can u show us the settings of the profiles beeing pushed to devices? 

I know it's possible to add multiple VPN's within one profile but have not tested adding multiple profiles. 


Perhaps try and add a profile " LOC ABC" and adding all the VPN settings into that one profile? 


Screenshot 2019-06-13 at 14.45.49.png

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Re: multiple VPNs on windows devices


Sure, here are the settings for the TEST profile which applies 2 VPNs as I thought the same. The other VPN has the same settings. 

2019-06-14 17_56_09-Window.png


It seems to be working with iOS so the issue is something with windows.. I know why i chose networking over MS.. 


I will try another, factory-default PC on Wednesday, when I see my office again, so I can check if my VM or the customers AD are creating this issues. 

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