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iOS web content filter whitelist localhost

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iOS web content filter whitelist localhost



I am an app developer and one of our customer's says that they are not able to use our app likely because of their web content whitelist settings perhaps missing a url. When I investigated, I found that the only url that could possibly be missing is localhost.

I was wondering if you need to specifically whitelist localhost and if so, if you also need to specify a port.


Also how exactly should I write this in the whitelist.

Ie- should it be localhost or localhost:8080 etc or http://localhost etc

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Re: iOS web content filter whitelist localhost

No traffic from and to the same host will pass through a physical Meraki device.  It's just not possible.


So it would have to be something on the machine.  Perhaps antivirus.  Perhaps Windows Firewall.


I guess there is a slim chance they are using a proxy server, which would cause the request to be executed against the localhost of the proxy server rather than the local machine.

Kind of a big deal

Re: iOS web content filter whitelist localhost

@MKhowaja I would suggest try white listing and what ever port you are using but I am not sure if they would fix the problem or not. 


I cant imagine iOS URL whitelisting blocking a local host connection. 

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