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iOS Passcode length policy not working

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iOS Passcode length policy not working



I have this problem for years. Devices are supervised, I created a settings and what to allow 4 digit passcode, this is what I setup.





Minimum length 2 or 4... is not working, the user must enter a 6 digits passcode, on the device, user doesn't have the option to go from 6 to 4 digits as a none MDM device do.


Is there another settings somewhere else, maybe in restriction, that cause the behaviour ?


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Re: iOS Passcode length policy not working

I believe this is an Apple-enforced restriction on the newer versions of iOS. See here:

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Re: iOS Passcode length policy not working




no, by default it set to 6 digits, but you can choose to have 4.

My device running iOS 13.3, my wife is running on a 4 digits since iOS9




it's french, but allow me to choose 4 digits passcode. 

I just update an old iphone7 ready to give to a new employee, the old device was off for +6 months, when I open it, the 180 day change code policy ask my to change it, it was 4 and only 6 was possible now. It still run iOS 12.x


if I remove the passcode policy settings from the phone, I can set it to 4... so definitely it has to do with this MDM settings pushing something wrong!


I was with another MDM supplier before, never had this problem. 


Kind of a big deal

Re: iOS Passcode length policy not working

@Adam2104 That is a very old document, 4 digit passcodes can be used on modern devices, most of ours have 4 digit codes and the hardware is 6th and 7th Gen iPads. 


@jffortier If your policy isn't working as expected and have have set minimum passcode length I would contact support, below is a screenshot of my settings that are working for me.


Screen Shot 2020-05-12 at 9.39.36 AM.png


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