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iOS Google Account profile

Getting noticed

iOS Google Account profile

Has anyone managed to get the iOS Google Account profile working?


It would be great if we could deliver a device already logged into the end-user's Google account, especially for our younger students. But I'm guessing this would only be in the native apps, not Drive etc?



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Re: iOS Google Account profile

Exactly my thinking, what functionality does this serve to put an email address on there without a password. I was hoping to add this in addition to Google Apps(Drive, Docs, Sheets etc.) so it would be available for some younger students...but... 

Meraki Employee

Re: iOS Google Account profile

This is the payload reference from Apple:

Kind of a big deal

Re: iOS Google Account profile

Would it be possible to pull the email address from a user in Meraki and/or AD with an "$email" variable and distribute it @PatrickL. We use an exchange profile to do the configuration and the user just enters his/her password once the profile comes down. I believe you can configure the exchange profile for Google. 

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Re: iOS Google Account profile


I would also be interested to know if it is possible to use this profile "iOS Google Account" generically.
indeed the "$" does not work. And I would like to deploy this function to all students.
Thank you

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Re: iOS Google Account profile

If you are setting device owners, you can try the following steps. It will allow it to configure at least the gmail app and should be able to setup the others too.



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