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iOS APP updates install same version

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iOS APP updates install same version

Hi there:


When we push application updates to our iOS devices the same version is installed.


We've tried to troubleshoot and replicate but cannot get to a logical conclusion as to why this is happening.


The functionality still worked about a month back and it happens on a mix of iOS versions (therefor not confined to a specific device, version, profile etc)


Is anyone else experiencing this problem?


Head in the Cloud

Re: iOS APP updates install same version

We raised this as an issue with Meraki support but eventually gave up with them.


When you install a fresh device the 'Apps' version will show the original version found on the Apple Store,  we have to manually hit 'Refresh App List' then refresh the entire browser. And sometimes do this a few times for it to update.

Unlike other sections of the page, 'Refresh App list' does not actually refresh by just pressing the button.

Thank you,
Peter James

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