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Unrolling devices remotely

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Unrolling devices remotely

We tried the system manager free trail. During the trial period, we enrolled a mix of Chromebooks, iPads, Windows PC (using Meraki agent) and macOS (using Meraki agent) total of 200 devices.

The trial expired and now we only want to keep the iPads with licenses only on the Meraki system manager 

For the Chromebooks, I disabled the Chromebook enrollment option and it worked 


The problem is for the macOS and Windows PCs I enrolled them by installing Meraki agent (SM)

So when I remove them from the devices list by using remove from the SM network through the dashboard.

they disappear but as soon as they are online they show up again on the devices list.


I do not have access to them in so I can uninstall Meraki manager. Is there a way to remove them from the MDM device list remotely.  


but allow them on the network.



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Re: Unrolling devices remotely

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Re: Unrolling devices remotely

@Amro You need to uninstall the agent on each machine, simply deleting it from the dashboard won't work, it will only free up the license until the machine goes back online and then agent checks in again. 

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