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Removing Unmanaged Apps on Supervised Devices

Kind of a big deal

Removing Unmanaged Apps on Supervised Devices

Hi Folks,


We have been running into an issue with an app we originally distributed on our Apple Configurator 2 configured devices. The issue is Apple limits us to only removing managed apps. I ran into this work around on another forum so I thought I would share here also!


First what I did was create a policy that looks for the app (I used the blacklist option). What I did was add the app to Meraki and checked "Attempt to Manage when Unmanaged". I also disabled auto install so this app would not be distributed to any of our devices on accident. I scoped this to the policy based on not being in compliance.


This populated the app group and to force that app to be managed quicker I selected all the apps and went to "Managed" and pushed "Update/Reinstall". Then this allowed me to go to each device and remove that app because it is now managed.


Hope this helps anyone else running into this issue. I think this would be handy feature to build into Meraki, something to allow you to quickly manage an app without adding it to your app catalog like your goal is to distribute it.





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Kind of a big deal

Re: Removing Unmanaged Apps on Supervised Devices

Nice work, I'll have to remember this.

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New here

Re: Removing Unmanaged Apps on Supervised Devices

Hi Jared,


Thanks for this. I was hoping to get a sort of step by step on how to go about doing some of these things you mentioned correctly (policy creation, group populating) I think I got as far as the group populating but I'm sort of lost at the part where you said you selected all the apps? Any help would be appreciated.



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