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Push contacts to android / IOS

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Push contacts to android / IOS



we're using zimbra server with Z-push to sync with the phones.
Actually we share an adress-book wiith our users and it's synchronised to their phones with gmail.


With this way the full sync of the adress-book occure ONLY if the user changes something on his local contacts.

Is it possible to push contacts throught meraki on both android an iphone ?

If anyone got an idea ....



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Re: Push contacts to android / IOS

I don't believe so.


I would stick with your gmail approach.

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Re: Push contacts to android / IOS

I too was after something similar.


We have US and EU support teams that would greatly benefit of some sort of sync of Active Directory information and their mobile phone book. It became quickly apparent the features in the Meraki documentation were for VoIP phones.


Depending on the resources you have available the best solution would be a new App built Cross platform. I am sure someone might have already solved this problem though. But if you want quick some quick Agile tool you can build yourself then "Google Firebase" might be a good start. 


Thank you,
Peter James