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Ownership best practices - DEP, CSV, AD

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Ownership best practices - DEP, CSV, AD


Having a few questions around SM as it relates to AD authentication and DEP. The IT team wants to use full DEP with no user involvement to roll out devices. The challenge is that after the fact, you have to assign Owners for Exchange to work. I want to use AD, but this forces registration of the device with AD credentials - Conflicting documentation from Meraki saying DEP device will not work with AD auth (Is this true?)

The other bonus of the AD registration is it assigns the device owner and device in SM


I don't really want to add 2500 users into SM via a CSV, but I know I can and add tags, devices, etc.


What has everyone else found to be a good solution or process arounf DEP, AD, CSV, Tags and ownership?


Thanks in advance,

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Re: Ownership best practices - DEP, CSV, AD

We are using Android.  Under Systems Manager/General/(scroll down to)User authentication settings

We have AD authentication enabled during enrolment.  This also allows an ActiveSync profile to be pushed out with no user involvement so that email "just works" on the phone.


There is no mention that this is specific to Android, so I expect it should work with DEP as well.

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Re: Ownership best practices - DEP, CSV, AD

Got it working fine, DEP iDevices and AD integration. The nice feature is you can disable a ton of prompts during initial activation of the device. It triggers on userID and the AD groups.

Kind of a big deal

Re: Ownership best practices - DEP, CSV, AD

We are using DEP and AD and it is great. Why not let the users setup and authenticate with his/her AD account and have all your configrations pop down like that (assuming they are scoped by AD group)? Just my opinion.



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