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Missing "Activation Lock Bypass" on new DEP devices


Missing "Activation Lock Bypass" on new DEP devices

I've been experiencing this issue for the last couples of weeks. I reported it to Meraki 2019-03-28 (case id 03720859). 


Whenever i enroll new iOS devices via DEP the row "Activation Lock Bypass" is missing. If i press "Erase device" and do the enrollment process again the buttons appear like normal. I have this issue on every organization i work with but the Meraki support says they only got three cases. 


How it looks after the first enrollment:



How it looks after the second enrollment:



I have this issue with every iOS device i enroll via DEP. Is there anyone else having the same issue or can confirm not having the issue with iOS devices via DEP? 

Head in the Cloud

Re: Missing "Activation Lock Bypass" on new DEP devices

Interesting....some of our devices have this issue.


Looking at one of our clients; devices enrolled 20th November 2018 are fine....but move forward to 18th February and we do not have these options. All devices have the same profiles set.


Page 116 from might be a worthy read.


If this is fine after the same device is factory reset, I imagine this is being caused by a sync issue with the Apple servers when the device is first setup. But due to the SM Device Page only showing those options under certain conditions, only the Meraki Support Team can investigate this. They would need to look at the page conditions...see what is missing...but I do not imagine this to be an easy or quick task.

Thank you,
Peter James


Re: Missing "Activation Lock Bypass" on new DEP devices

18 feb sounds about right. A colleague of mine first discovered it 14 march with some devices already affected. Would you mind opening a case refering to my case ID? 03720859

Head in the Cloud

Re: Missing "Activation Lock Bypass" on new DEP devices

Hi @alexnilsson,


Narrowing this down a bit further; a single device enrolled 15th February was fine (assuming this device was not reset). So, between 15th February and 18th February this appears to have fallen over.


I would be than happy to share the device links, but I am sure the Meraki Support Team would be fully aware of the changes taking place. Quote this post and ask them to PM if required.


Whilst I appreciate this will be causing frustration, our business case does not use this feature; we do not allow people to put Apple ID's on to the devices. Whilst I agree this is a bug and should be fixed, it would very improper of me to raise a case as it is not causing me an issue.


But we are a community and others here might not be aware of this bug and be very grateful you have raised this publicly. Hopefully they can get it fixed soon!

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