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Meraki SM Client Behind Proxy

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Meraki SM Client Behind Proxy

I have iMac to use by Meraki. That i mac can register to Meraki SM but i cannot see the advance function work with SM agent. That iMAC is behind the squid proxy. Anything need to be done?

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Re: Meraki SM Client Behind Proxy

I don't know the anwer.  Maybe it needs the Global Proxy configured (search for it in this article).


I'm more suspicous this might be a firewall restriction.  From the Dashboard go "Help/Firewall Info" and review the needed Firewall ports.  There is some more info here:

Kind of a big deal

Re: Meraki SM Client Behind Proxy

@HMHK  This seems to be normal behaviour. I spent months talking to support about this involving our firewall vendor as well. The agent uses port 993 which is IMAP usually, I dont think firewalls seem to like the Meraki client because of this.


After spending almost 4 months going backwards and forwards we ended up dropping SM for our Mac clients in favour of JAMF. I know others in the forum have done the same.


SM works perfectly with our iOS devices its only MacOS devices that were affected. 

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Re: Meraki SM Client Behind Proxy

@BlakeRichardson  and @PhilipDAth 

Thanks for your kind suggestion and replied. I don't know why Cisco Meraki team doesn't want to fix that issue.

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