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Meraki MDM Kiosk Mode on Android

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Meraki MDM Kiosk Mode on Android

Just a quick question that I am hoping someone will be able to answer.


We have over 200 Android Tablets and the usage of non company apps will be restricted, reason for using the Kiosk mode. Is there a way to backpack items such as word, pdf documents on the Kiosk interface? I see that Back Pack items are available on the settings but other than approved private and google play apps the back pack items do not appear in Kiosk mode.


Reason we need docs to be available is we have corporate literature to provide users.


Many Thanks



Here to help

Re: Meraki MDM Kiosk Mode on Android

The only way I can think is adding the SM app to the kiosk itself, as the backpack is in there.


havent tried through. 

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