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Meraki Compliance Issues

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Meraki Compliance Issues

We have several MacBook devices coming up as not compliant with our very bare bones security policy. Every computer with Meraki has F-Secure as well (anti-virus and firewall) but several computers (Around 10 of the 40) are coming up with errors.


Screen Shot 1398-04-05 at 4.41.28 PM.png


This is the Security Policy settings as shown in the Meraki dashboard. The errors coming up are labeled as "Login not required" and "FW not installed, FW not enabled" but I have checked these computers and they have the Mac firewall enabled and the F-Secure firewall as well. Also I have checked the login settings and they have passwords set and automatic login disabled as well as not having guest accounts enabled on the machine.


What else could be causing these compliance errors?

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Re: Meraki Compliance Issues

Having both the Apple and 3rd party firewalls running together could be causing the issue. I know that with Windows when you install 3rd party security software that has a firewall function it disables Windows built in firewall. 


I would try disabling the rd party software first and see if the issue comes right, if not try disabling the Apple firewall and try the 3rd party one. 

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Re: Meraki Compliance Issues

Does this compliance feature need Meraki Insight?

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