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Mac/iOS Find My iPhone Feature

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Mac/iOS Find My iPhone Feature

We are looking for an alternative to Apple's "Find my iPhone" etc. feature.


SM does many of the features but the one we want to implement is "Play A Sound" in case a user has lost the device locally.  


Has anyone been able to trigger a sound either through an action or automation through SM.  I don't believe SM has the ability to do an audible alert.

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Re: Mac/iOS Find My iPhone Feature

SM most definitely has the ability to play a sound. It requires the device to be put into lost mode first in the dashboard and then you get the option to play a sound and find a current location, just as you would with Find my iPhone. 


I have used this feature many, many times to help a forgetful student located their iPad.

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Re: Mac/iOS Find My iPhone Feature

@Justfixit just remember that by default Apple has location services turned off.


Being able to turn this on remotely is something the business ad education sector having been asking for for years given most of the time they own said devices so they should have a right to know where they are. 


As mentioned SM can do what you are wanting.


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