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MDM polices & software to Windows laptops

Comes here often

MDM polices & software to Windows laptops

Has anyone had any joy pushing policies/settings (wifi/vpn) to Windows 10 devices?  We managed to do it once for 1 or 2 devices but any subsequent changes don’t get re-pushed and 90% of other machines just fail to communicate.  App/software pushing is same result.

we have a case that has gone all the way to design team and we’re sadly now looking at dropping product due to no guarantee fix time.  Apparently affecting multiple customers.   a fundamental basic function like this is crazy!?!

IOS & Android stuff seems fine...?

we’re full Meraki mx, ms, mr, mdm

Kind of a big deal

Re: MDM polices & software to Windows laptops

I've had issues pushing WiFi policies to Windows 10 machines as well.

Comes here often

Re: MDM polices & software to Windows laptops

I'm having the same issue with Windows 10 machines.  I opened my case with support back on February 12 and have been told the same thing - that it's been sent to the development team.  February 12 was 10 WEEKS AGO...and I haven't heard a word!  The frustrating part is they're adding new features instead of fixing what they have!!

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