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Kiosk Restrictions

Kind of a big deal

Kiosk Restrictions

I got bored and started playing around with single app mode (not sure if anyone still uses this in education with the introduction of Apple Classroom) and realized a huge flaw was single app modes inability to disable things like spell check, predictive keyboard, lookup, etc. 


I found a workaround if anyone is running into this issue. I created a policy that checks if the device is in kiosk mode (I used as a sample) and saved it. I then created a web content filter that limits that device to a website when it is in single app mode. I noticed it takes about thirty seconds after the device is locked for the compliance status to change on the policy/sync down the configuration. I was only testing it with one iPad so that time may be different if you are locking a classroom set of iPads. The nice thing is when the device is unlocked the restrictions remove right away.


I know I tested this a while back and it would take 5+ minutes to become compliant and sync down to the iPad. Nice to see Meraki getting a little faster with these new updates! 

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Kind of a big deal

Re: Kiosk Restrictions

Nice one, thanks for sharing.

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