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Kiosk Mode - Change Logo?

New here

Kiosk Mode - Change Logo?

Hi all,


I am currently setting up Meraki MDM with android tablets, we are implementing Kiosk mode which is doing as we need so far however we would like to change the "Cisco Meraki" banner displayed at the top of the kiosk to something more appealing (e.g. the schools logo) is this possible as I can't seem to find a setting?




Kind of a big deal

Re: Kiosk Mode - Change Logo?

I don't know the answer for sure - but I don't recall ever seeing an option to configure the logo.

Head in the Cloud

Re: Kiosk Mode - Change Logo?

I am currently mapping an Android MDM Solution for our customers, but I too can not find a way to replace this logo which is insane!


I feel the partnership between Cisco-Apple may be playing a part here...

Getting noticed

Re: Kiosk Mode - Change Logo?

This would be great. Just like we can modify the splash page. I mean, I love cisco, but when my drivers make a delivery and the client sees a big ol cisco sign instead of our company logo it is not as sexy as it could be.

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