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KME with MDM Automatic configuration

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KME with MDM Automatic configuration



I have a couple of weeks trying to work with Meraki support team in order to automatically push Meraki profile into our Galaxy S9 using KNOX.

Serial numbers were added on our KME and the profile are configured on both side.


When turning on the Samsung device, it gets into the Knox enrollment profile but then it launch Meraki asking for our ID.

When this part given, the user is able to exit from this part and have a full access to the phone with the opportunity to manipulate it/erase everything.

I reached Samsung support team and they advised me that there's the possibility to add an JSON Script in order to Automatically Push the ID from meraki and auto-configure the device without allowing the user to enter anything or take the full control of the device.


As per Meraki, They have an API with Samsung but there's an ''Known Issue'' that there engineers are working on it without any ETR.

Also, they confirmed me that they do not have any JSON Script available at this time and that they will investigate if there's an Workaround.

I have 3 weeks waiting for a solution/workaround without any answers.


Samsung could add the JSON Script if Meraki could provide us the parameters of what do they need to automatically push the ID but Meraki is not giving me any answers. 

They (Samsung) provided me some examples from other providers:



Would you have any suggestions on this ?


Thank you,

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Re: KME with MDM Automatic configuration

What about if you don't use knox?  What does knox give you that you would like?

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Re: KME with MDM Automatic configuration

Were you able to get this resolved?



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Re: KME with MDM Automatic configuration

Because we are dealing with the same issue. KNOX gives you on Samsung devices the same opportunities like DEP does for Apple.


But it seems that there is no progress on this topic

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