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Enterprise Apps installation question

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Enterprise Apps installation question

Hi guys,


We have our own app that we have designed and have pushed out to all of our devices.


The question I have is, sometimes we need to push a new version of the app onto just one or two devices for testing.

Whenever I try this using different tags, it removes the app from the other devices.

I will try to explain better.


iPhone1, iPhone2, iPhone3 have our app installed, using tag BusinessApp.

Whenever I change the target to push a new version to iPhone4 using tag BusinessAppDEV, it goes and removes the BusinessApp from all of the other iPhones that are in production.

We can only set up one App profile.


How else can we push out new version without system manager removing it automatically from current devices?



New here

Re: Enterprise Apps installation question

Hi guys,

I think I might have just found the solution.

Auto-install / auto-uninstall option was checked.
Kind of a big deal

Re: Enterprise Apps installation question

Was about to say to check that option lol.

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