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Education Profile macOS Mojave

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Education Profile macOS Mojave

Hello guys, 


I'm trying to set up the classroom app on a MacBook running macOS Mojave, looks like there's no education profile that supports macOS, only iOS.


Can you guys shed some light over this?

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Re: Education Profile macOS Mojave

@michaelfowl Can you please explain a bit more about the "classroom app" and I'll try and help you.

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Re: Education Profile macOS Mojave

Classroom app is an application initially released for the iPads giving power to teachers to control shared iPads in the class. What you have to do on the MDM’s side is to setup an education profile with classes, students and teachers.


with the OS X, Apple released the same app to the mac. Here’s the problem, this education profile is only for iOS making it impossible for me to control the ipads with my mac.

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Re: Education Profile macOS Mojave

Yeah I'm troubleshooting this with support right now. I've got a MacBook getting the following message when I try to setup Apple Classroom on the MacBook.


Nov 02 09:17Update profile 'Apple School Manager - Classroom'Nov 02 09:17


Code: 0
Domain: ClassroomMCXService.installError


Error: Installing EDU profiles using the device channel is unsupported.
I spoke with Apple Support and they said that MacBooks should work the same as iPads and the Education profile should be able to be pushed through Meraki to the MacBook.
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Re: Education Profile macOS Mojave

Hi there. I am wondering if you ever got a resolution to this. I am working on it now and can't get it to work.



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Re: Education Profile macOS Mojave

No man, I’m sorry.

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