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Device Management for ISO 13

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Device Management for ISO 13

I have 2 users who have updated their manged devices to OS 13 beta, I get the following screen but all attempt to install missing /updated profiles doesn't appear to be working



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Re: Device Management for ISO 13

I am not sure what Meraki's stance is on BETA operating systems but you might want to run your query past support. As iOS is not officially released Meraki will have limited support for it. 

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Re: Device Management for ISO 13

So I got Beta13 when it was first released now on Beta13 5th update and I have the same exact thing. I do not see any issues with it being that way. My actually Profile is working correctly and still able to apply changes if need be from the actual profile assigned to my Test Ipad.

Are you or the end user noticing any errors or issues with the applied profile ?




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Re: Device Management for ISO 13

It looks like the profile can‘t be installed on IOS 13 Public Beta5. At least I‘m unable to do it. 😔

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Re: Device Management for ISO 13

Remember this is also BETA 

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