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DEP Profiles

Kind of a big deal

DEP Profiles

I created most of our DEP profiles awhile ago, we have different profiles for different parts of the business i.e. supervised devices and non supervised devices. 


The problem is that once you create these settings you cannot edit them in any way. I've spoken with a few people including our contact at Apple and other vendors do support being able to edit these profiles. The reason you would want to do this is because when Apple release new feature such as screen time these often generate a setup screen which most of the time we want to skip and currently the only way we can do this with Meraki is to create a new DEP profile....


Can Meraki PLEASE look at changing this as I estimate in 3-4 years time I am going to have a stupid amount of profiles just because of new features that are added in.

Meraki CMNO, Ruckus WISE, Sonicwall CSSA, Allied Telesis CASE & CAI
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