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Custom Android App Showing in Kiosk Mode

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Custom Android App Showing in Kiosk Mode

I am having problems getting the custom apps I have add to show up in kiosk mode. I know that the apps have been added correctly because they are showing up in the managed apps and on the tablet outside of the kiosk mode. How ever when ever I go into kiosk mode I get this error on install. Below in the first picture is what I see in kiosk mode the second is the list of managed apps showing that they are properly configured and the is the error I am getting.


Any help would be great 


Thanks Mattsystems manager 1.jpg


systems manager 2.jpg


systems manager.jpg 

Meraki Employee

Re: Custom Android App Showing in Kiosk Mode

What is the specific version of Android you are using? Have you tried this out on a different version of Android (e.g. 9 vs 10)? What version of the SM app are you using? Tell us the hardware type as well, but that is less likely to be the issue.

Comes here often

Re: Custom Android App Showing in Kiosk Mode

Android version - 9 (currently the highest software version for the tablet)

SM version - 5.2.8 

Hardware - Android Galaxy Tab A 8


I think the problem lies here. That is purely base on the fact that When I added the app it installed on the tablet just fine. But when in the kiosk mode it is not wanting to show up.


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