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Cannot get profile to load on Android Device

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Cannot get profile to load on Android Device

I have been trying and cannot seem to get my settings profile to install on any of my android tablets.  I made sure they tablets are tagged correctly and they do show up as devices in scope for the profile, but I keep getting "Failure occurred while executing command" as the status for "Update Profile response".  I have reset to factory and re-enrolled several times.  I am able to push the apps to the device and that works fine, except for Chrome, which I have to manually install.


I am at a loss what could be wrong.  I did get them to install one time but then when I made a change to the settings, the profile would never update after that.  I have made new profiles a few times, no luck.  Anyone experiencing this and know what to do?


Thanks in advance.  Tamara

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Re: Cannot get profile to load on Android Device

Is this common to have happen in Meraki?  Do you have to use the Meraki hardware for these settings to deploy?  I still can't get the profiles to install on these Galaxy Tabs.  Frustrated.