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Can't Setup Device due to a Checksum error

Here to help

Can't Setup Device due to a Checksum error

Hi All.


Just trying to setup a google pixel phone and I'm getting the following error

Cant setup device
Couldn't use the admin app due to a checksum error.  For help contact your admin.


Anyone have any suggestions why.  The device is a google pixel running Android 8IMG_0011.JPG


Re: Can't Setup Device due to a Checksum error

Hi Mark,


It looks like meraki has updated one of the packages required during the installation.  However, it looks like the haven't updated the checksum in the QR code to match the new apk files.


I had to:

     create a new network

     get the qr code 

     unencode that qr code with the correct checksum

     unencode the old qr code/ get my meraki network id

    put the correct network id with the correct checsum in a text string

   use an online encoder to create the correct QR code.


I have raised a support ticket with meraki, found the problem and  then advised them, so hopefully they will fix it soon.


Good luck






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