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Approved Android apps wont install

Comes here often

Approved Android apps wont install

We have been testing SM for the better part of two months and have yet to figure out why when we approve an app in the google managed app store AND add it to the Meraki SM apps to be pushed it will install but not install.

The tablet will show that the software is installing and even shows installed but the app does not show up in your list of apps on the tablet.

Also, if you go to the SM configuration under Managed Apps it shows the app but it is greyed out.


My problem is with both Google Drive and Google Photos.

I need to install a wallpaper onto the tablets but there are no apps installed that can display the photo from backpack.


Kind of a big deal

Re: Approved Android apps wont install

Google Drive and Google Photos are probably system apps on your devices.  Try going:

Systems Manager/Settings/Add Settings/More Android/Android System Apps

Change the "List Type" to "Black List" and save.


They should show up shortly after that.

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