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Apple Classroom Guide

Kind of a big deal

Apple Classroom Guide

Hi All,


I was playing around with Apple Classroom today and I noticed Meraki's guides were a little sparse and excluded a lot of important details in order to get the education configuration working properly. I am not in education, but if you are - then Apple School manager makes it way easier, but this is not my specialty. I wrote up a quick guide on how to create a working configuration the manual way and made some important notes that Meraki left out in their older documentation. Hope it helps! If you have any questions I can try to help!


Apple Classroom Guide Link



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Re: Apple Classroom Guide

Thanks @jared_f !

Meraki Employee

Re: Apple Classroom Guide

I'm late to this thread - but thank you @jared_f!


You might play around with the Apple Classroom app on your iOS devices - it's free and works outside of Apple School Manager. The latest versions support something Apple calls "unmanaged classrooms" - basically the ability create a class and have devices (even those without the classroom app) join via bluetooth.

This could be really cool for trainings or presentations - if you or your users find themselves needing to lead people through content or apps on ipads! 

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