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Apple App store 100 mb limit

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Apple App store 100 mb limit

The Apple app store has a limitation that any apps over 100 mb must be downloaded over a wifi connection, and not a cellular connection.  All well and good, but for PCI compliance reasons, I have locked down my devices that take card payments to the cellular network only (whitelisted a wifi SSID that does not exist).


Any ideas how I can get updates for apps over 100 mb (e.g. Square POS) with this restriction in place, or a way to schedule removal of the whitelist, force the update, and then reapply the whitelist?

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Re: Apple App store 100 mb limit

There is not going to be an easy solution for that.


From time to time you are going to need to allow access to to let the updates happen and then remove the access again.

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Re: Apple App store 100 mb limit

Why not create a wireless network that the devices recognise and turn it on when you need to update app and back off once you have finsihed. Otherwise you can make an ethernet adaptor as shown in the below thread but this requires the devices being bought to you for update.

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Re: Apple App store 100 mb limit

@CherylA The latest iOS 12.4 allows for up to 200 MB over cellular, and iOS 13 will remove that restriction entirely.

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