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Android Zero Touch Configuration

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Android Zero Touch Configuration

Any idea if this is going to be implemented shortly in Meraki.


Can't find any reference, and Cisco is not as partner in the Android Zero touch website




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Re: Android Zero Touch Configuration

Would like to get this information too, all the Android variants out in the market have their own flavours to enrollments.

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Re: Android Zero Touch Configuration


Shows that Meraki is apart of it 

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Re: Android Zero Touch Configuration

On Friday I reached out to  Meraki over this and go the following:


"SM does not currently support this, however it’s a feature the engineering team are working on. Unfortunately they are not able to provide time scales..."


Thank you,
Peter James

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Re: Android Zero Touch Configuration

Same here, got the same answer from Meraki.

btw. Huawei representative (they are in ZT) told me that Meraki told them it would be ready "at some point of 2019"

MIke, you are crossing information.
Meraki is part of Android Enterprise, but they still don't show in Android Zero Touch... Check my link instead of yours 🙂

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Re: Android Zero Touch Configuration

I am currently looking for the same information. This zero touch integration would do wonders!

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Re: Android Zero Touch Configuration

Kudo for this

We even would like to reach more customers with Meraki SM, either as managed service provider or just reselling licenses.
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