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Android Kiosk Mode APP Autolaunch


Android Kiosk Mode APP Autolaunch



Does anybody know how to enforce an Android device (in owner mode on SME) to autolaunch an APP that we has been deployed in KIOSK mode? I mean, once the device has booted, to enforce it to launch only this APP.


Thanks in advance.

Meraki Employee

Re: Android Kiosk Mode APP Autolaunch

If you deploy a single app using the Android Kiosk Mode profile you should get the results you are looking for. If you add multiple-apps to Kiosk Mode then the SM app must be used as a launcher.


Edit: Note that Samsung Knox devices have their own single-app Kiosk mode feature found in the Knox profile, separate from the Android Kiosk Mode profile.


Re: Android Kiosk Mode APP Autolaunch

Hi, Noah.


We were testing Android Kiosk Mode, so we will try now KNOX specific kiosk mode, because we are using Samsung Galaxy S10 and I didn’t know there was an specific one.



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