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Android 8.1.0 - Samsung Keyboard not appearing after device restarts

New here

Android 8.1.0 - Samsung Keyboard not appearing after device restarts

Hi all,

For a bit of background I'm trying to enforce a multi-app Kiosk mode on some Samsung A6 Galaxy Tabs (Android 8.1.0, Samsung Experience 9.5). I've built up a simple Kiosk Mode profile with access to two apps explicitly allowed and an empty black-list for Android System apps to allow the Keyboard through. I originally used a white-list with the specific Samsung Keyboard app ( as the only app in the white-list but switched to empty black while troubleshooting. The devices are running with Android Enterprise enrolment and Meraki SM app confirms that SM is the device owner.


What's happening is that when I apply the profile the keyboard will appear when I try to unlock Kiosk mode or enter one of the two apps. However if the device is restarted the keyboard will no longer appear. I suspected initially that the Samsung Keyboard was trying to force open its tutorial/first-run screen so I tried swapping in Gboard by pushing it to the device but it didn't make any difference as I suspect there is no way to force a change to default keyboards from Kiosk mode. I force removed the profile to get it back out of Kiosk mode, swapped the default keyboard in the settings and relaunched Kiosk mode and it resulted in the exact same issue once restarted.


Any help with how this could be solved would be much appreciated.