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Allow App Store but block installation

Kind of a big deal

Allow App Store but block installation

I've been asked by a user with a supervised iPad if they can have access to the App store to look at apps, I dont have a problem with this I just dont want them installing any apps as these need to be managed. Is this possible.


If I allowed the allow installing app's but disable making account changed would this work?

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Kind of a big deal

Re: Allow App Store but block installation

I don't believe so. The only way I remember doing so is to enable the app store and whitelist the applications you want the user to have (the ones in your app catalog). Meraki does make it easy and populates those without having to look them up individually, but every time you add an app to the catalog it will have to be added to the whitelist.


Add to the whitelist if you are scoping out any web clips.

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