Documentation Feedback: Meraki Licensing FAQs

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Documentation Feedback: Meraki Licensing FAQs

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If I replace an older MX with a newer one, do I get a credit for the unused portion of the old license? If not, can I apply the unused portion of the old license to the new one?

See the section in the document under, Do I have to buy more licenses every time I buy new hardware?


Some licenses can be carried forward and used on different models, and some licenses can be converted from one model to another for certain hardware replacements. You can contact support or sales for inquiries about specific models.

Cameron Moody | Documentation Manager, Cisco Meraki
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I bought a license for MS120-8LP but I have a MS120-8FP, will this license still work? The only difference I see is the PoE power budget is more on the FP then the LP.
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@JodyB, no, the license has to match the switch model exactly (only exception is the MS390 switch models). You’ll need to talk to your reseller and get a RMA on the incorrect license and order the correct one.

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@Bruce Awesome, Thank you for the information!   Wishful thinking though! 

I can help you out with that if needs be?
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Which two benefits are included as a part of Cisco Meraki licensing? (Choose two.)
A. entitlement to all firmware releases and cloud-managed security updates
B. 24/7 phone and email support with lifetime warranty
C. advanced replacement service fulfilled within 8 hours pending regional availability
D. access to purchase EOS/EOL Cisco Meraki hardware at a discount
E. extended refund window with a prorated restocking fee
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