Wireless Policy Use Case - can API help with this?


Wireless Policy Use Case - can API help with this?

I am working with a library that threw out an interesting, but logical idea for their wireless system and I am kind of stumped to do it the exact way they desire. I am wondering if there is a way APIs can help me achieve this use case. 


The workflow would look something like this:


  • Single SSID for the library system (i.e. Library-WiFi)
  • Open access to all, perhaps with a AUP or something
    • Bandwidth (and content) would be throttled per device
  • As an alternative, patrons with library cards could use their card number (something they keep record of in Active Directory) to gain elevated privileges to a user with a library card
    • In other words, the bandwidth throttle is removed and potentially content filtering is lifted


At the time, they only have MRs to leverage, so no MX or MS, if that matters at all. Anyone got ideas? T.I.A.

Kind of a big deal

You would need to create your own custom hosted guest page.


You would have to give the user the option of either entering their library card number or just continuing on.


If they entered a library card number you would need to have a RADIUS server that did a lookup against AD, and then used the Filter-Id parameter to return a group policy to apply to that user.


It's quite a big of work.







Ok, so the key part is really coming up with your own Splash page (or paying someone like Splashaccess to do it for you). I'll relay the message - thanks!


Totally doable though, in my opinion.

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