Problems with Scanning API

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Problems with Scanning API

hello, first forgive my english is bad and use the google translator.
I am with the Scanning API I have created the receiver, I have tested it with the postman and it works correctly, I have the Endpoint in green.
what I receive I enter in a database. But when consulting the data do not match with the dashboard analytics.
in my database I launch
SELECT * FROM estadisticas.depositivos where seentime like '2019-01-28T20%' group by clientmac;
and it returns me that there are 372 different macs so the sum between connected + visitors + Passersbytendria that giving that data in canbio in the dashboard analytics gives me:
  wireless, 28 Jan 2019 20:00:00, Connected 2.00, Visitors 11.00, Passersby 676.00

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Meraki's Location Analytics consider the connected time and signal strength of each client.  If you don't include similar logic, your results will differ.  I still wouldn't expect the numbers to match exactly.


For details, go to help in Meraki dashboard and search for 3965.  You can also use the "i" icon in Location Analytics to link to the help document.

Yes, if I applied a logic and read the document a thousand times.
to make it easier if in the database I look at the ones that have ssid which are the connected ones, because the connected ones are the only ones that have ssid and those do not fit with the connected ones of the dashboard analytics

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Just out of curiosity, are you viewing in the old dashboard or the new dashboard?

If you go to the location heatmap and toggle (upper right-hand corner) to 'View old version' does the device distribution correlate with what you are extracting via the scanning API?

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