Possible bug in 1.26 in GET inboundCellularFirewallRules response schema?

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Possible bug in 1.26 in GET inboundCellularFirewallRules response schema?

There are a couple of new endpoints in 1.26 which support Appliance inbound cellular firewall rules



Is the GET response correct? It's just an array of rules, which in itself is fine, but does not follow the same pattern as the following (along with many other "rules" endpoints)


The PUT for the same data


The GET for cellularFirewallRules


The PUT for cellularFirewallRules



These other endpoints wrap the array in a "rules" property.


Can someone at Meraki please either

- confirm that the new GET endpoint is correct as documented and is an exception to this pattern, or

- confirm that the documentation is incorrect and the actual endpoint behaves like the others

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Comes here often

I noticed this too, trying to get an example response back but it keeps being denied. I keep getting the follow error;

"errors": [
        "This endpoint only supports MX networks with IPv6 capability"
Confusingly, the example response in the docs shows an IPv4 address coming back in the destCidr field so not sure why IPv6 is a requirement.
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