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Is there any known way of determining the Node Group identifier for a given network via the API?


This is the ID stored as Mkiconf.ng_id in the source of each page...





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Kind of a big deal

I can't say I've seen that value anywhere in my travels with the API... And I don't see anything in the API docs either.


What is that value? What do you need it for?

@jdsilva wrote:


What is that value? What do you need it for?


Maybe for this:


It's mentioned there.

Ahh, neato. undocumented APIs!

Yes it is. It's for obtaining floor plans autonomously, however this approach requires a user to view source of a page it's not really a 'hidden Api'... hence my question.



I can't find any docs about that value being available via API. Make a wish!


Maybe this helps though, you might be able to reuse some of this code:


Seems like the following python function with settingval set to ng_id will get you the value.



def meraki_www_get_settings(strcontent, settingval, settingfull):
    In the dashboard, there are a large number of settings hidden in the code. This function will parse and retrieve
    the value of a specific setting
    :param strcontent: String. Raw HTML of the page.
    :param settingval: String. If the setting is in the "Mkiconf.setting = " format, pass "setting" here. Otherwise...
    :param settingfull: String. If the setting is named or punctuated differently, pass the exact string here.
    :return: String. The value of the requested setting


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