Looking for beta testers - Automation Platform

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Looking for beta testers - Automation Platform

Hi guys,


I hope you're all safe and well. 


I left Meraki 4 years ago to create Boundless Digital. We became pretty knowledgeable of Meraki APIs and last year we have decided to start building an automation tool that would cover the different stages of a network lifecycle (Run - Build - Expand).


We have already released awesome features around tag and alert management, security rules, monitoring... Recently we have implemented a network creation tool and we would like to get feedback on that. More details about the feature:

idea: create a workflow of steps to automate creation of a lot of networks
step1: load a csv file with the network parameters
step 2: define the workflow from the following options:
  • Create SSID
  •  Add devices - moves unassigned devices into network: Option (move bound devices) - if devices are in an existing network, move them from the old to new network
  • Claim Order - claims order number and inserts devices into network
  • Set IP address
  • Add Network Tags
  • Add Device Tags
  • Bind to Template - Select from existing templates in Meraki or Template Name in XLS
  • Set VLAN

step 3: execute.. Meraki then creates all the networks automatically


So I am sure you have some time to spare and I would really appreciate if some of you could help us testing our platform and this feature in particular so that we could make it the most relevant for customers and partners.


If you are down, just answer to this post and we will get back to you.


Thanks in advance



PS: I am stuck in an apartment with my mother-in-law and a newborn child, so please bring me some love! 

Noel-Edouard Chenu
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I've just started out learning about APIs so I would at least be interested in some further reading material.  Currently been doing testing on my home setup.  Nothing in production at the moment.



The main source of reading material would probably be the Meraki API docs:  https://developer.cisco.com/meraki/api/#/rest/getting-started


and the developer site:  https://developer.cisco.com/meraki/


That said, they assume a lot of prior knowledge, and don't really give a smooth walkthrough when you're just starting out.



I'm considering making a course to help people get up to speed from 0-100 in Meraki development.  


What's the biggest challenge you're facing getting started?     What types of info could help you get going faster?

Sidney Burks
Captive Portal and Meraki API Automation
Founder and CTO, Boundless Digital
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Hi There,


I have already written a script which does all of the things you mention, even adding firewall L3 rules and L7 ..Not to mention finding free IP addresses in specific ranges.... It takes about 4 minutes to have a complete network up and running (MX, MS, and MR) 


But of course i would like to know if i can do things more efficient, so yes... i am interested in testing some


Best regards



Hi Ed,

Thanks for you asnwer.

Can you provide your email address so that I can set you up a demo account?

Noel-Edouard Chenu
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